Cold Hard Facts

Folks, I don’t like doing this and am not very good at it, but I need to ask a favor. I just received some very disheartening news this morning and I’m feeling like a very foolish old woman, at the moment.
I had to call my Publisher this morning because of an annual fee that is due and for the 1st time was told the actual ‘numbers’ regarding my Book: ‘Gifts from the Ashes’. It was a step of faith for me to do this, but it was one I was willing to take in order to get my son’s poems published to honor him. Reality can sometimes be very cold and hard-hitting, though.
It turns out that when folks buy the Book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, even though it is at a higher price, I only receive $1.16 per book. If the Kindle is bought at $9.99, I actually get $6.49 because there are no printing charges. If folks purchase the Book directly from Xulon, I make a whopping $14.35, but no one has bought it thru the Publisher at this point. In addition, I learned that in the almost 12 mos. since it has been published, only 60 folks have purchased it.
Although all the feedback I have received on it has been very heart-warming and positive, for whatever reason it’s simply not selling. I am unable to ‘promote’ it because I am pretty much housebound with my disability and it is a self-publishing situation. With the annual fee my costs now have added up to just under $3300.00. I have only received one check for $115.00. So, not doing very well at the moment and feeling pretty stupid for having placed myself in such debt especially when I am facing foreclosure on my home this year which I have had for 38 yrs. My kids aren’t real happy with me at the moment either.
Anyway, though feeling quite humiliated in doing this, I need to ask a favor. If in any way you feel you have benefited from this ministry, and if you have a spare $10 laying around and feel so inclined to do so. please purchase the Kindle version at Amazon. It would help me out immensely. I won’t ask this again and I’m sorry that I’m feeling the need to do so. Please don’t feel obliged. I just needed to ask. TY!! I know it’s all in God’s hands. (((HUGS)))

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