The Twilight Zone


I grew up watching this series of shows that fascinated the mind. They always left one wondering if the events presented in these short stories were ever really possible. In many ways, we have gone long past many of the possibilities presented in these vignettes. Even the Twilight Zone never imagined a world in which everyone was monitored 24/7 even in the privacy of their own homes. If fifty years ago someone presented the idea that drones would be everywhere watching all we do and that cars could be automatically shut down by a push of a button, it would have definitely been  considered science fiction. The thought of folks communicating to others around the world via a little handheld device was far beyond the imagination of most.

Some consider it ‘progress’ as my Mother would turn to me and say with a smirk. She didn’t like it much in her day, and I don’t like it much in mine.

Something quite valuable has gotten lost in this world of ‘Tech’. Machine communication lacks the warmth of human touch, the gentle intonation in a compassionate voice, the softness of a caring and loving ‘look’. Now, if folks don’t like something or don’t want to deal with a situation…CLICK…and you no longer exist; CLICK…and the ‘problem’ goes away. It’s like waving a magic wand. Of course, no one grows personally by doing so but that is not desirable if it costs the investment of self. In the name of ‘safety’ we have traded away our privacy and personal boundaries. Make a mistake in public and you’re likely to wind up being filmed and uploaded to U-Tube for all the world to jeer and ridicule.

My son was killed in ’99 before much of this became so prevalent. He still knew a world in which folks showed their love to one another; a world in which confrontation was an opportunity to grow personally and gain Wisdom. He lived in a world where wild horses could still be seen and herds of Bison could be admired with awe. He never had to taste of this world of quick deletes and where love has waxed cold. He was a very personal type of young man. He took the time to converse with total strangers upfront and personal. Others appreciated his warmth and compassion. As much as I miss him every single day, I am also glad he was called Home before this ‘progress’ took root. I don’t think he could have survived in this world of cold machines and ‘clicks’. It would have destroyed the person he was created to be. Yes, the Scripture a dear friend from my Church shared with me in a card after my son’s demise becomes more and more meaningful to me everyday.

Isaiah 57

I miss you my dear son…but you didn’t miss a thing.  xoxoxo


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