I admit that I’m not much of a poet like my son was, but I wrote this in 2011 after I was coming to grips with some things in my life. I shared it with a published poet (Aaron Espy) who liked it very much, so I thought it may speak to others. It was a time in which I was beginning to set new and healthier boundaries. It had been 12 years since my son’s demise.


Each has its own

All have things in common

Some bask in the light

Shadows turn others solemn

We embrace the clear skies

Some remain in the rain

I have learned to take cover

I need to stay sane

I love all the seasons

But all embrace times

Of chaotic confusion

Some of which is sublime

They demand of us choices

Of which we decline

Keeping us prisoners

In chains that will bind

When infernal is knocking

I fall to the floor

No longer obliged

To open the door

I have made all my choices

I stand strong on the line

I have learned to embrace

Each season’s time


Seasons by WhiteSpiritWolf on DeviantArt

(Excerpt from ‘Gifts from the Ashes’)

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