Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from my book ‘Gifts from the Ashes’ called: ‘No Harm Done?’ My God let me know this ‘topic’ is incomplete. My attention today was drawn to: ‘Molly’.

Most folks are familiar with the movie: ‘Titanic’. This ship was billed as the ‘Unsinkable Ship’.

“God himself could not sink this ship!”

(Unknown Titanic crewmember to embarking passenger, Mrs Sylvia Caldwell.)

It wasn’t just the ship that was referred to as ‘Unsinkable’. There was a passenger on board the Titanic that also later was called: ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown“. Her name was actually Margaret Tobin Brown and she was called ‘Maggie’, not Molly in her lifetime. However, she is remembered as Molly.

Molly was a very down-to-earth individual. She became wealthy because her husband happened to strike gold. She wasn’t, however, accepted among the ‘Socialites’ of her day because she was not considered ‘one of them’ because of the manner in which she had become wealthy. She was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was despised by many in this new social circle she suddenly became part of because she was ‘new money’ and lacked the prestige of the ‘old money’ aristocrats. She had earned her wealth rather than inheriting it. Hence, the snobbery of the old money clique rejected her. Molly, however, was not put off by these prideful folks. Instead, she actually made a point of hanging around them simply to annoy them with her difference in decorum. She did not discriminate against the ‘lower-class’.

I think if I had met Molly, we would have been good friends. Molly was a survivor. She went on to live her life for another twenty years as one of the very few survivors of the Titanic.

I have survived many bad things in my life. I endured sexual molestation in my early years between ages four and seven; I was raped twice in my teens; I survived a twenty-four year marriage of abuse that has left me with a crippled spine. However, when my son died, my Titanic sunk. There is no greater sorrow, no greater loss, than that of a child. I admit, I have not experienced every tragedy this fallen world has to offer and I do not desire in any way to diminish the pain and suffering of others. There is, however, an indescribable excruciating pain suffered by a Bereaved Parent that only another who has walked this journey can possibly relate to and know.

I have a fairly new found friend that I met in the midst of my explorations and sharing amongst the grief groups on social network. She is my ‘Molly’. We don’t identify on all issues, but she is most definitely a survivor like myself. While I was being snubbed by some for my expression of my Faith, she was being snubbed for other reasons. We identify, yet contrast one another simultaneously on different levels. She ‘gets it’ when I ask: ‘No Harm Done?’.

Truly, we all come from all types of backgrounds and ‘social standings’. But, like it or not, we are all in the same boat now. We can fight amongst ourselves, compete, judge, etc.


We can team up and acknowledge we are on the same boat and need one another, in spite of our differences, so that we can either be rescued or safely arrive on shore.

Personally, I prefer to be on the boat with a bunch of ‘Molly’s’. Molly almost got thrown off of the life-boat. Why?? Because she wanted to go back and save others that were drowning in the freezing cold waters. She knew there was plenty of room for others. But, the man in charge of their little boat refused to go back and rescue others. As a result, the Unsinkable Molly Brown was forced to watch in horror as others met their Maker right before her eyes. By the time the boat finally did go back to attempt to rescue others, it was too late…they were all dead.

As always, we choose. We can be a ‘Molly’ and be in the minority of survivors, or we can sink along with our ship. I’ve made my choice come hell or high water. I prefer to be in the company of the minority of survivors than in the clique of those who are swimming for their lives in the freezing waters.


Image result for all in the same boat now photo

Dedicated to my ‘Molly’. Thank you, my dear friend.

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