The Poetry of Lilies

Lilies of the Valley

Sweetest of the flowers a-blooming
In the fragrant vernal days
Is the Lily of the Valley
With its soft, retiring ways.

Well you choose this humble blossom
As the nurses emblem flower,
Who grows more like her ideal
Every day and every hour.

Like the Lily of the Valley
In her honestly and worth,
Ah, she blooms in true and virtue
In the quiet nooks of earth.

Tho’ she stand erect in honor
When the heart of  mankind bleeds,
Still she hides her own deserving
In the beauty of her deeds.

In the silence of the darkness
Where no eye may see or know,
There her footprints shod with mercy
And fleet kindness come and go.

Not amid the sounds of plaudits
Nor before the garish day,
Does she shed her soul’s sweet perfume
Does she take her gentle way.

But alike her ideal flower,
With its honey-laden breath,
Still her heart blooms forth it beauty
In the valley shades of death.
(Paul Lawrence Dunbar)

O sad-faced mourners, who each day are wending
Through churchyard paths of cypress and of yew,
Leave for today the low graves you are tending,
And lift your eyes to God’s eternal blue!
It is no time for bitterness or sadness;
Choose Easter lilies, not pale asphodels;
Let your souls thrill to the caress of gladness,
And answer the sweet chime of Easter bells.
If Christ were still within the grave’s low prison,
A captive of the Enemy we dread;
If from that rotting cell He had not risen,
Who then could dry the gloomy tears you shed?
If Christ were dead there would be need to sorrow,
But He has risen and vanquished death today;
Hush, then your sighs, if only till tomorrow,
At Easter give your grief a holiday.

(~ May Riley Smith)

Because of that truth, an Easter lily blooms and an angel sits at every believer’s grave. We believe in a risen Lord, so do not look to the past to worship only at His tomb. Look above and within to worship the Christ who lives. Because He lives, we live. (~ Abbott Benjamin Vaughan)

Song of Solomon 2

1 Her: I am a rose of Sharon,
        a lily found in one of the valleys.

Him: Like a lily among thorns, that is what she is;
        my dear is a captivating beauty among the young women.

Her: My love is like an apple tree in a wooded forest;
        he is a ripe tree among a grove of saplings, those young men.
    I sat beneath his ample shade, filled with such joy.
        I tasted the sweetness of his fruit and longed for more.
    He placed me at his banquet table,
        for everyone to see that his banner over me declares his love.

    (to those around) Sustain me with sweet raisins.
        Refresh my energy with apples
    Because I am lovesick for him.
    His left hand cradles my head;
        his right embraces me.

    (to the young women) You of Jerusalem heed my warning.
    By the gazelles and deer of the field,
        I charge you not to excite your love until it is ready.
    Don’t stir a fire in your heart too soon, until it is ready to be satisfied.
    I hear his voice! The voice of my love!
        Here he comes,
    Leaping over the mountains,
        bounding among the hills.
    My love is like a gazelle,
        sure-footed and swift as a young stag.
    Look, there he is! Standing behind my wall,
        watching through the windows, peering through the lattice.
10     My love responded and said to me,

Him: Arise, my dearest, my beauty,
        and come away with me.
11     Don’t you see? The winter is done.
        The rains and clouds have come and gone.
12     The flowers are unfolding in the fields;
        the birds are warming up their songs,
    The cooing of the turtledove
        is heard throughout the land.
13     The fig trees are bringing forth their first fruit,
        and the vines are in blossom, filling the air with their fragrance.
    So arise my dearest, my beauty,
        and come away with me.
14     Now, my dove, don’t be shy.
        Don’t hide from me in the clefts of the rock
        or nest like a bird in secret among the cliffs.
    Show me your lovely form.
        Let me hear your beautiful voice,
    For it sounds so sweet,
        and your face is so lovely.

15 Young Women of Jerusalem (to the couple): Catch the foxes for us,
        those little foxes that menace the vineyards,
    For our vineyards are so vulnerable when they are in full bloom.

16 Her: My love is mine, and I am his.
        He grazes among my lilies.
17     As the day breathes its morning breeze
        and shadows turn and flee,
    Turn to me, my love, like a gazelle;
        come to me like a young stag on rugged mountains.

May your Easter be filled with our Lord’s Love.

1 Corinthians 15:

55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

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