Saved through Child-bearing

I had written in chapter three of my book in my Personal Testimony about some of the things that foreshadowed the birth of my children during a seven year period in which I was being told by doctors that I could not have children. Because I was confined by space, there were some things I could not include. One of those occurred after I first received prayer by a group of believing Christians. After prayers had been said and I was given the name for my firstborn three years before he came into existence, I went upstairs in the Pastor’s home and sat off by myself to read a Bible. I opened it up to:

1 Timothy 2:

15 but she shall be saved through her child-bearing, if they continue in faith and love and sanctification with sobriety.

I was somewhat bewildered by this because I knew that this did not refer to ‘salvation’ as in what we receive through Jesus the Christ. But what did it mean? I have read a few expositions on this verse, mostly written by men, and though I don’t entirely disagree with their conclusions, as a woman who has had four pregnancy losses and four live births, I have arrived at a somewhat different conclusion from most of these well-meaning men.

There is a type of transformation that occurs within the ‘heart’ of a woman who has conceived and desires her child. No matter how she may have chosen to live her life before this time, this new life within her is about to give her new life in return. A Mom that wants her baby becomes focused on that baby, transitioning her focus from herself to another. She is about to embrace self-sacrificial Love, possibly for the first time in her life. She will willingly surrender a lifestyle she thought she previously loved, for the safety and protection of this new young life within. She now begins to sleep, eat, adjust activities, etc.,  all for the benefit of another and willingly so. Whether or not this child ever sees light does not alter the transformation that has begun to take place within this life-bearing woman. It is my interpretation of this verse that a woman essentially is ‘saved’ from herself, her old ways, her previous wants and desires. If the woman does go on to have a healthy birth of that child, she will then very likely face sleepless nights. She will tend to the needs of her child through illnesses giving no thought to her own health  in the process. Her child’s health takes preeminence over her own. No matter how exhausted she may become, even ill, she will still place the needs of her child before her own.

I do believe there is no greater Love than a dedicated Mother’s, except God’s.

In no way am I slighting what a dad does in this process, but my focus in this vignette is that of a mom’s and how this particular Scripture applies to a woman.

Now there is an ‘if’ in this verse that we mustn’t ignore: ‘if they continue in faith and love and sanctification with sobriety.‘ In other words, all that the woman has gained by her loving self-sacrifice only remains a transforming Grace in her life if she chooses to continue in it after her child is grown, gone, etc.. She must maintain that Gift of Grace and sacrificial Love. If she chooses to return to a self-serving lifestyle, she will lose the gift she was granted. If she hardens her heart and chooses bitterness, she adds to her loss. This, to me, is another type of tragedy.

Science is now finding that a woman who has been pregnant, whether or not the child even ever sees light, undergoes and often retains a gift physically which has been scientifically proven. “This process, called fetal-maternal microchimerism, turns both mother and child into chimeras harboring little pieces of each other.” (ScienceNews). Some studies have even hinted that those cells from the unborn may even serve to assist the mom later in life from a variety of diseases and ailments. Science may now be proving that truly a woman ‘shall be saved through her child-bearing‘. Note, it specifically states ‘child-bearing’, not childbirth. Once again, God’s Word is being proven to be Truth.

Moms who have experienced pregnancy loss or born-still births will often question why God gave, and then so quickly took away. Perhaps, Science is now answering some of those questions. The cells of our children do continue to live on within us, possibly protecting us and saving us from a worst physical fate later in life. Our unborn children did serve a purpose. All those cliches we often hear of how are child lives on in our heart are actually physically true per Science. Their cells remain within us. They have been discovered in our brains, too. Is it any wonder that so very many moms still feel that ‘connection’ with their child? Psychologists may have their perspective, others may dismiss as ‘how sweet’ as they roll their eyes and turn away, some religious leaders may accuse us of dabbling in mysticism to some degree. However, I have engaged in conversations with numerous bereaved moms, most of them to be God-fearing good Christian women who would never ever dabble in the occult. Yet, things occur which they did not seek after, that they cannot explain, but they know are very real.

We do not understand all things. Thankfully, Science is beginning to validate what some of us moms have always known to be true. Our child does live on, not only in Heaven, but also within us.

(((HUGS)))  Jude Gibbs, Author of ‘Gifts from the Ashes’ available at: Xulon PressAmazon, Barnes & Noble and DeeperShopping. Also, a Contributor at ‘The Mighty’:

Book released 2/15/17. Please help spread the word. TY!! (((HUGS)))



3 thoughts on “Saved through Child-bearing

  1. This was comforting to learn Jude, thank you. Those who say messages from our deceased children are evil driven, are BLIND SHEEP buying someone’s garbage nonsense and spreading evil THEMSELVES because JEALOUSY is the ONLY place that belief comes from.

    The bottom line is this. Some of us are intuitive enough for Spirits to reach. Others, simply, are not. FACT.


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