I awoke today with tears flowing down my face.

I awoke knowing no one will ever take your place.

Years, months, days, hours, minutes…Time does not erase

All the laughter, all the tears doesn’t bridge the space.

I miss you, Babe.

It will be eighteen years in nineteen days since I’ve seen your beautiful face as you stood next to me. Eighteen years since I’ve heard that husky penetrating voice. Eighteen years since I got that bear hug from you. Eighteen years since you made me laugh. Eighteen years since I scolded you, telling you not to come home late. Eighteen years since I told you: “I love you” and heard you say back: “I love you, too”.

Eighteen years I’ve been missing you.

hearts photo:  http3A2F2F25mediatumblrcom2F36e77806125a2cf890735d6b61b66acb2Ftumblr_mt599pq0n31snqmkoo1_500_zps72eb16c3.jpg

Awaiting My Time

by Roddy, my Son

Perhaps the answers are still unclear,
For I find myself still searching,
Far and near; high and low,
I am still searching.
I am looking deep in my soul
And throughout the darkest corners of my heart,
For the one thing to bring a mere smirk.
Perhaps a hint of happiness
May shine its light on me some day.
That a lack of loneliness will
Consume my heart, I pray!
I have lived a life
My good deeds did not deserve.
And unto all others,
Their needs and wants , I serve.
I wait in the shade.
Patiently for the light to shine,
Upon the life I lead
Knowing that one day, Justice-
Will be mine!

(((HUGS)))  Jude Gibbs, Author of ‘Gifts from the Ashes’ available at:

Please help spread the word…TY!!!  (((HUGS)))

Released 2/15/17


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